Meet Emily

My decade of work as a Senior Hair Stylist managing salons in downtown Kingston has allowed me to work alongside, and learn from, some of the most innovative and dedicated professionals and entrepreneurs in this field.

Being a hair stylist is not just a job to me; it is a passion that I need to fulfil through constant education on current trends and updated technologies. In order to be a successful hairstylist, it is imperative that I have a positive and engaging relationship with my client.

Every client that sits in my chair is trusting my artistry, knowledge, and skill to create for them the perfect cut, colour or style.  I take this trust very seriously. The Ginger House Hair Studio is a dream made reality for me, and I take great pride in being able to welcome you into this beautiful space.  

The Ginger House Hair Studio

The Ginger House Hair Studio brings over 15 years of in-salon experience, education and professionalism to a chic, modern, in-home salon. To be candid for a second, I think the last three years have challenged people to view what was once a mundane task, something like getting your hair done for example, as a new opportunity in practicing self care. This quiet space offers you a truly unique salon experience: a 1:1 appointment with no distractions, no crowd, no loud noises, and no hassle of finding a parking spot. 

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